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A complete supply chain management solution

Emveedo’s procurement and supply chain services aim to ensure timely delivery of our received orders materials and services, in line with required specifications and within defined budgets. We offer an all in one procurement and delivery and support services using the in-house team of experts and our strong international network of manufacturers and suppliers. As part of our bespoke procurement management services we can assist our clients with:

Buying /Strategy

Team Management

Relationship Management

Project Planning


Bid Writing /Tendering

Managing/Risk Assessment


The list of typical items and equipment we usually supply to our clients are as follows:

We aim to deliver what others can’t…

•  Pipe Fittings and Flanges

• Pipe and Tubular Products

• Pipeline accessories

• Pumps

• Valves, Actuators, Regulators

• Hoses and Fluid Handling

• Hose Fittings

• Separators and Filters

• Gauges and Meters

• Generators

• Rotating equipment

• Steelworks

• Safety Equipment

• Personal Safety Equipment

• Coatings, resins, paints

• Lighting and Electrical Products

• HVAC Equipment and Supplies

• Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment

• Inverter Welding Machines

• Mastics

• Sealants

• Pipeline Adhesives

• Welding inspection tools

• Welding supplies

• Bearings

• Seals

• Fibreglass piping  (flanges, pipes)

• Well Head Equipment, housings, valves and casings

• Drilling Equipment

Supply Chain management

We aim to deliver what others can’t….

We have a unique solution for your challenging project!

Emveedo = Innovation + Experience