Piping Vibration and Integrity Assessment

Stress analysis, FIV, AIV, FFS, Fatigue, etc

The aim of an effective piping integrity assessment is to review, evaluate and improve the integrity, reliability and performance of piping systems for safe operation.

Piping systems are the heart of every process plant. Therefore their safe design and operation play a significant role to reduce hazards and operational risks in our projects.

What We Offer

Our piping mechanical group uses the industry best practices to provide unique and bespoke solutions for complex challenges on various offshore and onshore projects. We offer a full range of piping mechanical design and integrity assessment services:

Piping Stress Analysis

In order to ensure the integrity and compliance of a new or existing piping system, Caesar II or AutoPIPE will be used to evaluate the piping stresses resulting from thermal cycles, static pressure, pipe and fitting weights and other environmental design conditions as per all industry piping codes, such as B31.3, B31.8, PD-8010, DNV and others. Considering the complexity of the system, other speciality software such as FEpipe, NozzlePRO might also be required.

The modal analysis will also be carried out to evaluate the modal shapes and natural frequency of all piping systems due to their importance in a safe operating environment.

Piping Vibration

Failures of piping systems have always been one of the major causes of fires, explosions and fatalities in oil and gas plants. Excessive vibration of process piping is one of the most important reasons for these failures and accidents.

Recent studies show 20% of process pipework failures are due to vibration-induced fatigue which mainly happens in the following standard high-risk areas of piping systems:

  • Small bore connections (SBC)
  • Equipment nozzles connections
  • Tees
  • Transient conditions like the fluid hammer
  • PSV and relief systems, bypass lines
Piping vibration and integrity assessment

The Energy Institute (EI) guideline

The Energy Institute (EI) guideline is the industry recommended approach to identify, resolve and prevent risks causing vibration in piping systems.

Our piping vibration and integrity assessment package includes the following tests and services:

  • Flow-induced vibrations (FIV)
  • Acoustic induced vibration (AIV)
  • Advanced analysis and studies: Surge, Pulsation, etc
  • Field evaluations

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