Detailed Design

We provide fully integrated and comprehensive, detailed design services to all our clients using the latest industry standards, tools and software, driven by engineers with broad experience in their interpretation and use. Our detailed engineering services cover the following disciplines:

• Process

• Piping

• Structural

• Mechanical

• Instrumentation & telecommunications

• Electrical

Specialist Technical Services

Our In-house team of expert engineers use advanced techniques, current standards and software to help our customers resolve complex engineering issues involving CFD, FEA and Process Simulation as the occasion demands.

Piping Vibration and Integrity Assessment

Failures of piping systems have always been one of the major causes of fires, explosions and fatalities in oil and gas plants.  Excessive vibration of process piping is one of the most important causes of these failures and accidents.

The recent studies show 20% of process pipework failures are due to vibration-induced fatigue which mainly happens in the following standard high-risk areas of piping systems:

• Small bore connections (SBC)

• Equipment nozzles connections

• Tees

• Transient conditions like the fluid hammer

• PSV and relief systems, bypass lines

In Emveedo, we conduct a full piping vibration and integrity assessment on piping systems during the design phase of projects based on the Energy Institute (EI) guideline and other proven industry methodologies. We also use unique measurements and tests on high-risk locations during the operation phases to identify and resolve any excessive vibration issues.

The Energy Institute (EI) guideline is the industry recommended approach to identify, resolve and prevent risks causing by vibration in piping systems.

Our Piping vibration and Integrity assessment package includes the following tests and services:

– Energy Institute (EI) guideline,Likelihood of failure (LOF) qualitative and quantitative assessments:

• Flow induced vibrations (FIV)

• Acoustic induced vibration (AIV)

• Advanced Analysis and studies: Surge, Pulsation, …

 – Piping Stress Analysis (static & dynamic)

– Field evaluations


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